Are Pitbulls Good Family Dogs? – Pitbulls and you Lifestyle.

Pitbulls as Family Dogs


There is a lot of mixed information about Pitbulls out there, many people wonder if Pitbulls are good as family dogs. It is a good idea to research the type of dog that you are considering getting, you want to make sure that this dog is going to fit your family and its needs. A good family dog is a dog who has the same needs as his family.

Your Lifestyle



Pitbulls can make great family dogs for families that can fulfill the needs of the Pitbull. The saying a happy dog is a tired dog is a very true statement. Not only families with children, but anyone who wants a pitbull as a house pet must remember that Pitbulls in general, are very high energy dogs and must have an outlet for this energy.

Although most Pitbulls do have high energy levels, they do vary among the different Bull breeds. The APBT has the highest energy levels, and is by far the most athletic, it has the highest drive and determination. At the other end of the Bull breed spectrum, certain styles of the American Bully, may need little exercise in comparison, they thrive mostly on short to moderate length walks, moderate amounts of play and lots of companionship.
If possible, look at the parents of your prospective puppy so that you can get an idea of what your dog could be like, remember with genetics, the apple usually doesn’t fall far from the tree.

You must take your lifestyle into account when searching for a dog. Are you are an active person, who loves doing outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, bicycling, jogging or any otheractivity that your dog can accompany you and get some exercise, then a Pitbull type dog might be for you.



Pitbull Needs


Pitbulls also need mental stimulation, this means giving the dog a sense of purpose, a job or task. This could be obedience training, protection training, tracking, pulling a cart or sled, or even wearing a back pack. Pitbulls love to work, they are very

easy to train because they are very motivated and eager to please.

Pitbulls and owners can benefit greatly from using a treadmill when it is not possible to go out for extended periods.

Pitbulls are strong physically and mentally, and need a strong, confident and firm leader. They need an established pack leader, who will teach them what is and is not acceptable.

If your Pitbull is going to be a house/family pet, you should get out with your dog and expose it to different situations, let him meet new people and new things from a young age. It is important to socialize your Pitbull, these dogs are under a lot of scrutiny by the public, you should want your dog to be an ambassador.

Pitbulls have a tendency to be animal aggressive, they may not be able to be around strange dogs/animals unsupervised.

Pitbulls can do fine in houses or apartments, as long as their physical needs are met. Once they have had their exercise and menal stimulation, Pitbulls can be the biggest couch potatoes, they absolutely love to cuddle.

Pitbulls and Kids

Pitbulls are very good with kids, as with any dog it is best to expose the dog to children very early, and teach it how to behave with kids. Children are small, and can be knocked over, or trampled by a big strong dog. The dog needs to be given boundaries, and taught to be mindful of kids.

Once properly introduced, your Pitbull will absolutely love your child. Pitbulls are very patient with children,. Although children need to be taught not to tease or harass dogs.

As with any breed of dog, small children should not be left unsupervised with dogs.

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