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Hi, I am Marko, Welcome to my site about Pitbulls

 I have owned dogs my entire life, and I have owned or been around Pitbull type dogs for a majority of this time. Pitbulls have always been the ultimate dog to me. So much heart, love, determination, loyalty and passion in a small athletic frame. The first thought that comes to my mind when I think pitbull is “Hades” my 45 pound best friend. She, to me is the definition of a perfect dog. I got her at 11 weeks, and she has not left my side since. She is my little shadow, she follows me around where ever I go.

When Hades’ older wolf dog brother Kye died, I got her an American Bully companion named Kaya,( In memory of Kye. ) she’s a little bundle of love. She is the happiest dog I’ve ever met, she demands attention.

Concerns About Pitbulls

I’m not the kind of person who gives into stereotypes, or pays too much attention to the media. But when Pitbulls started to get a bad reputation in my area, it became concerning to me. There were numerous reports of “Pitbull” attacks on people and animals all in a short period, people started to hate these dogs, and believed them to be inherently evil. What the media was portraying these dogs to be, did not fit the description of my best friend Hades, or any of the other Pitbull type dogs that I had ever owned.

I began to examine these cases of “Pitbull” attacks to see if I could find some rational to explain what happened. There seemed to be many inconsistencies between the cases. Many of these dogs that had been classified as Pitbulls, did not appear to be any kind of Pitbull that I had ever seen.

Hades is 45 pounds soaking wet, some of these dogs were well over 100 pounds. Hades always displayed a high level of prey drive, she would want to hunt anything on 4 legs and furry, from a squirrel to a deer. But she clearly knew the difference between a person and an animal, she would not give unnecessary attention to a human. Only if she felt threatened by someone, but any good dog will be protective when they, or their family is threatened.

The Pitbull was never created to be aggressive towards people, it was bred  for prey drive, and gameness.  I feel the true pitbull, the American Pitbull Terrier is very commonly misclassified and in most cases I don’t think most people even know what it truly is. It is commonly represented as a gladiator type, fighting dog. Many people automatically think pitbull when they are confronted by an aggressive mastiff/bulldog/bully style dog. The truth is, these are different dogs, that were bred for different purposes, they have different tendencies and must be treated differently

Knowing the Type of Dog

Every breed of dog was bred for a purpose, this is definitely something to consider when looking to get a dog. You want to be aware of what this type of dogs tendencies will be and what you will need to focus training on. One should also consider looking for the type of dog that fits your lifestyle. You can always modify a dog to a degree through training, some dogs more than others. But you must keep in mind the true nature of this kind of dog.

I want to help take away some negative stereotypes about the Pitbull, inform people of their true nature. Some dogs that commonly get misclassified as pitbulls, and how to tell the difference


I want to help people to understand what the American Pitbull Terrier is, what a “pitbull” is and what a Bully breed is. Differences and similarities between them, which is the right kind of dog for you, and some activities that you may enjoy doing with your Bully breed.





If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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