Are Pitbulls Good Family Dogs? - Pitbulls and you Lifestyle.

Pitbulls as Family Dogs   There is a lot of mixed information about Pitbulls out there, many people wonder if Pitbulls are good as family dogs. It is a good idea to research the type of dog that you are considering getting, you want to make sure that this dog is going to fit your […]

What is a Pitbull?- The Basics

What is a Pitbull?     For various reasons, predominately ignorance, several breeds of dogs have become linked to the term “Pitbull”. The term Pitbull refers to a bulldog that was used in the dog fighting pit. Dog fighting is not something that I choose to partake in, rather its a simple fact that this […]

About Marko

My History With Pitbulls     Hi, I am Marko, Welcome to my site about Pitbulls  I have owned dogs my entire life, and I have owned or been around Pitbull type dogs for a majority of this time. Pitbulls have always been the ultimate dog to me. So much heart, love, determination, loyalty and […]